To continue to foster unity across the United States among clean and sober softball players.


Tradition Three in Narcotics Anonymous says:
“The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.”

Tradition Three in Narcotics Anonymous says:
“The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

The NA text also reads:
“Desire is not a measurable commodity. It lives in the heart of each individual member.”

In addition:
"The group is not the jury of desire. We cannot measure or arbitrate willingness."

“The message is that it's possible to have fun while staying clean and sober.”

As the tournament directors, we are active members of recovery who felt compelled to incorporating the traditions into our event as they are the best tool we have found to build unity within groups. We have zero interest in trying to figure out who does or does not qualify to play as this is not our place. We believe that we can simplify the eligibility process by asking members, especially the managers, to consider their personal integrity when gauging their level of desire as well as those of their players. The managers have a huge responsibility in deciding whether or not to participate or in organizing a team. We are putting on this tournament to provide a place for the addict or alcoholic to have fun, fellowship, and of course compete without having to get loaded. The message is that it's possible to have fun while staying clean and sober. Our hope is that all the players on the team identify themselves as either addicts or alcoholics who are currently recovering from drug addiction and/or alcoholism in NA or AA. This is not meant to be exclusionary, it’s just us respecting how huge a role clean and sober ball has played in both of our individual personal recovery stories. At the end of the day, we just want to create a safe environment for the still suffering addict or alcoholic; especially the newcomer.


Ray D., Robert B., & Jackie F.




“My favorite moment was walking into Big League of Dreams on Friday and feeling so blessed that there were so many clean and sober people that made it out to this event.”

— Shelbe C.



“My favorite moments were circling up after each game and the opposing out-of-state teams would say ‘we’re taking this circle-up and prayer back with us.’”

— Daniel L.



“Never in all my years have I seen such fierce competition and deep admiration for the team across the field. Amazing gift we have all given ourselves.”

— Eric B.



“My favorite moment was the Saturday night meeting, hearing some of the other teams/states history on Clean & Sober softball and witnessing the sobriety countdown total 7,500 years of recovery.”

— Alan D.