Tournament Rules, General Information, and Eligibility Requirement

Rules are subject to change - official rules will be in the manager’s registration packet.


NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN except for alternate teams that did not get in.

ANY TEAM withdrawing after entering will owe the full tournament fees. We are basing field rental on # of entries and we are financially responsible for those agreements. Signing up means a commitment to be there so be sure.

If you no show or cancel after the brackets have been made, any unpaid fees for the tournament will be due + a penalty fee of $400. If these fees are not paid the team, manager, and all individual players on the roster will be placed on the “Suspended List” for any future Cornerstone Softball Inc events. Please don’t put us in that position. Re-doing the brackets is an incredible pain in the ass.


  1. BLD charges an entry fee per day

  2. No smoking in dugout or on the field

  3. No loud or vulgar music allowed

  4. No sunflower seeds on turf fields

  5. No dogs

  6. No scooters

  7. No bikes

  8. No skateboards

  9. No coolers at BLD

  10. All bags will be checked at the BLD

  11. Specific field rules will be gone over with the managers and umpire prior to the first game


3151 E Washington Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101
*Other parks may be used. No guarantee of play at BLD


Rec Division: 2
E Division: 3
D Division: 4
OPEN Division: 6

Outs after that.


All home teams will be determined by coin flip


  • 15 runs after 4

  • 10 runs after 5


  • 1 game against a random opponent.


  • Games tied games  in warm up play will end in a tie.


  • 3-Game Guarantee

  • Extra innings will use the international run rule. Zero outs. Last batter who was at the plate starts on 2nd. Runner can be used after the completion of one at bat. Runner can be substituted for an available sub at any time.


  • 60 minutes for warm ups, 65 minutes for bracket.

  • Championship games play all 7 innings. Run rule still applies.

  • Be prepared to start 15 minutes early for all games.

  • Failure to be ready to play 15 minutes prior to all game times will result in a forfeit. This WILL BE ENFORCED. We are committed to doing our best to run on time.


  • The umpire will keep score of the game.

  • Both teams are encouraged to keep a book.

  • Any score disputes must be made prior to the first pitch of the next half inning and will only be considered if the team has a book.


  • Men’s - 2 per inning - no rabbit

  • Women’s - 2 per inning - no rabbit

  • Coed -  2 per inning per gender. Women run for women, men run for men - no rabbit


  • Coed (6-4)

  • Teams can bat 11 with (7-4) in any order

  • For each additional man in the lineup above 7, a woman must be added.

  • Any team batting more men than allowed will automatically forfeit. If the error is caught prior to a pitch being thrown, the “extra” player may be removed and added as a sub with no penalty.


  • Pitcher must wear protective mask and will be not allowed to pitch without one.

  • Pitchers have 5 seconds to release after presenting

  • No pump faking

  • May pitch from up to 6 feet behind the rubber within width of mound

  • Must be set before release

  • 1-1 count with no extra fouls

  • Mat for strike zone will be used

  • Height 6-10 ft


  • 1 on deck hitter

  • NO F Bombs

  • NO Throwing your bat

  • NO Taunting

  • NO Loud or vulgar music inside the parks

  • Runner must touch the plate, not the mat.



  • Two bases if a woman is on deck

  • One base if a man is on deck


  • One base only

  • When walking a male, on deck woman has the option to walk ONLY when there are 2 outs. Otherwise the woman must hit.


  • Men’s/Women’s - All Teams must have 8 to start

  • Coed - Must have 5 men / 3 women to start

  • Players can be added to the bottom of the line up as long as the leadoff hitter has not batted twice.

  • If you have to play short handed, no automatic out will be given.


  • We will supply 3 balls per teams at registration

  • The official tournament balls are as follows:


Trump X-Rock Classic M .40/325 USSSA


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 9.28.45 AM.png

Trump X-Rock Classic W



Teams must throw in a ball when your team is up to bat. It is your team’s responsibility to have a ball ready. You may provide your own (must be exact ball) or purchase additional balls from us for $20 for three if you run out. A strike will be called for every 60 seconds that a ball is not provided.

It is highly suggested to write your team name on your balls and shag home runs as quickly as possible.


The roster submission process will be simplified but all final rosters will be be due and frozen 30 days from the start of the tournament (March 8, 2019). Any changes, adds, alterations after that date will be a $75 charge per occurrence. We learned from the last tournament that we need to be very rigid on this as it put a ton of unnecessary stress on our staff. This will be strictly enforced so get your team together early.

Section A – Eligibility Rules

  1. The player must have a minimum of 14 days continuous abstinence from drugs and alcohol for playing eligibility.

    Tradition Three in Narcotics Anonymous says:

    “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.”

    Tradition Three in Alcoholics Anonymous says:

    “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

    The NA text also reads:

    “Desire is not a measurable commodity. It lives in the heart of each individual member.”

    As the tournament directors, we are active members of recovery who felt compelled to incorporating the traditions into our event as they are the best tool we have found to build unity within groups. We have zero interest in trying to figure out who does or does not qualify to play as this is not our place. We believe that we can simplify the eligibility process by asking members, especially the managers, to consider their personal integrity when gauging their level of desire as well as those of their players. The managers have a huge responsibility in deciding whether or not to participate or in organizing a team. We are putting on this tournament to provide a place for the addict or alcoholic to have fun, fellowship, and of course compete without having to get loaded. The message is that it's possible to have fun while staying clean and sober. Our hope is that all the players on the team identify themselves as either addicts or alcoholics who are currently recovering from drug addiction and/or alcoholism in NA or AA. This is not meant to be exclusionary, it’s just us respecting how huge a role clean and sober ball has played in both of our individual personal recovery stories. At the end of the day, we just want to create a safe environment for the still suffering addict or alcoholic; especially the newcomer.

  2. Player Exemption Rule:

    All exempt player must meet the 14-day consecutive abstinence rule.

    Each team is allowed a maximum of three players exempt from the criteria in section 1 above. Following are the three conditions to be granted exemption:

    • Immediate family member: you must be an immediate family member of a qualified member (per section 1) playing in the tournament. Immediate family is defined as spouse, mother or father, son or daughter, sister or brother. No other relatives or friends.

    • Significant other: you must be the significant other of a qualified member (per section 1) playing in the tournament who have been in a relationship for at least one year.

    • Member of Nar-Anon or Al-Anon per those fellowship’s Tradition Three.

  3. Player Eligibility Concerns:
    There may be situations where someone has a concern over whether a player is eligible or not. Managers may discreetly bring the situation to the tournament director’s attention. We will discuss it with the manager of the team of the player in question. As stated earlier, we are not the recovery police and will depend on member’s integrity to do the right thing.

Section B – Roster rules

1. All players must meet standards of eligibility. (Section A)
2. Rosters and ID:

a. Men can only play for one men’s team and one coed team. Women can only play for one women’s team,  one men’s team, and one coed team (not that men’s and women’s could overlap)

b.  Rosters are considered final on March 8, 2019. After that date changes will be $75 per player. No exceptions.

c.  A new player may only be added to a roster when an injury occurs at the tournament and drops the team below the minimum number players specified for that division (Men’s 10, Women’s 10, Coed 6men/4women). The new player cannot be listed on another roster:

  • Men playing in any men’s division cannot be added to another men’s roster

  • Women playing in any women’s division cannot be added to another women’s roster

  • Coed players in any coed division cannot be added to any other coed roster.

d. All players will be required to check in at the tournament booth per section C below. All players must be on the team roster submitted. Players will receive a wristband that must be worn all days of play. In the event that you are participating in two divisions (men’s or women’s and coed) both wrist bands will need to be worn.

e. All players are required to have a photo ID with them in case of injury or ID dispute. ID must be presented upon request. Failure to produce an ID will result in a forfeit by the offending team.

f.  Rosters can be protested at any time before the end of a game. Protests require a $100 deposit by the protesting team. If the roster check shows illegal players, your $100 will be refunded and the team with the illegal player(s) will forfeit the game: counting as a loss. If the roster is confirmed to be correct, the team requesting the protest forfeits the $100. Protesting a roster under this clause is ONLY for the identity of players, NOT for meeting the eligibility requirements in Section B.

Section C – Player check in


NOTE: If we are able to run a home run derby on Thursday, we will also have the registration and bat testing tables open to allow as many people to check in and test bats as possible. If it’s available, please come with your teammates as this makes it easier on the registration and testing teams.

  1. All players must sign the roster

  2. All players must (mandatory) show their ID (driver’s license, state registered ID card, or passport) at the registration table to receive an armband allowing them to play in the tournament. Players without armbands will not be allowed to participate.

  3. A registration band will be required for each team a player plays on

  4. Players must wear the registration band at all times in order to be eligible to play

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 7.33.11 PM.png

Section D – Bat testing


  1. Bat testing will only be done during the home run derby (if held) and during the 1st day of the tournament (Friday) during your team’s check in time.

  2. All bats tested must be on the approved USSSA bat list and must have USSSA thumbprint stamp

  3. Each team (Men’s, Women’s, and Coed) will be allowed to test a maximum of 20 bats including fails.

  4. Bats with cracks, paint seams, pine tar, or adhesive spray on the barrel, will not be tested. Any bats found altered in any way per these rules will be treated as illegal, even i if they made it past testing and have an approved stamp. It is the manager’s and player’s responsibility to make sure all bats are legal. So be careful what you have tested.

  5. Bats must be over 220psi to pass the compression test.

  6. Each bat will be tested one time, a failed bat will count as one tested bat for that team.

  7. All failed bats will be held by the tournament staff till the end of the event or until the team is eliminated. This prevents repeated retesting.

  8. Bats may be tested during the Home Run Derby  (if held) or during your team’s scheduled check in time only.

  9. If a bat breaks during the tournament a new bat may be tested to replace that bat.

  10. A bat my not be retested for a second time if it has already failed for another team. i.e. bat fails for men’s team, same bat may not be retested for a coed team.

  11. Each bat that passes will be given a tamper-proof sticker and is legal for World Series play.

  12. If a sticker comes off the bat, it may not be retested, and is no longer legal in World Series Play.

  13. If a player uses a bat that does not have a sticker, or uses a bat with an approval sticker that has been tampered with, that player AND the manager are ejected from that game. A second offense of the same rule will result in the player and manager being suspended for the remainder of the tournament. The player and manager will have to appeal to be reinstated for future play by the Cornerstone Softball board. If a bat is removed by an umpire, umpire in chief, or tournament director for any such violation, that bat will be confiscated and heald by tournament personal until that team is eliminated. A new bat will not be allowed to replace the removed bat.